Brand, Logos & Usage

The following guidelines cover the usage of Galler's brand assets, including but not limited to:

  • The names “Galler” and “
  • The logo (text and icon)
  • The initial "G" icon


With the big G - our icon - we're quite open minded but not that much with our name.

We welcome creators to create derivative artwork based on the icon, and we're excited to see what the community comes up with. If you would like to sell derivative works, you must first get's consent. Once and if approved, please give credits to, and make sure to carefully follow the requirements in order to avoid a dispute. If it's amazing, share on socials! We wanna see it!

Nevertheless, our logo and name are valuable, copyrighted elements of our brand, and we must safeguard them. Let's go through some DO's and DONT's next.

DO's & DONT's​

🟢 DO's
▪️ With attribution, recreate, remix, and create derivative artworks with the Galler brand.
▪️ Only if you grant attribution, you may buy and sell the derivatives.

🔴 DONT's
▪️ Use any of Galler's brand assets - logo, icon, name - or any derivative works in any product or new brand assets that can conflict or compete with For example:

  • Don't create a logo with a "G" in a digital art brand or product using same typeface or a similar one to Galler's - even if using different colors.
  • Don't create a product called " Rarity" or anything similar that could be misconstrued as having a direct connection to
  • Do not name your NFT marketplace ""

▪️ Use or remix any of Galler brand assets in order to indicate an official association, collaboration, or other non-existing endorsements;
▪️ Use the full name "" in social media platforms to imply any kind of official relationship with us. Make it clear if you're starting a fan group, a Discord server, or anything else that it's not official;
▪️ In any way, falsely claim or imply an official association, collaboration, or other type of endorsement;

▪️ Use or associate Galler's brand assets with any of the following businesses or activities:

  • pornography and adult entertainment;
  • arms and ammunition;
  • casinos, gaming, and/or gambling (online and offline), including video games related to these activities;
  • unlawful or illegal activities, or other activities that would cast us or our Brand Assets in a negative light.

▪️ Make an attempt to register any trademark, business name, company name, or domain name that incorporates or uses any of Galler's brand assets;

If in doubt, reach out to [email protected] Logo Downloads

Logo Guidelines​

▪️ Anatomy of Galler's Logo
A. Logotype; the type is specified; nevertheless, you should never duplicate it; instead, use the SVG or PNG provided;
B. Icon is also smiling at you;
C. The logotype and icon combine to form logo (horizontal lockup). Use them in this same ratio every time.



A. Small icon, can be used on its own to represent or Galler;
B. Horizontal simplified logo, this is the secondary logo;
C. Horizontal logo - name & image, this is the primary logo;
D. Big icon - same as A but a better match for social content.


Clear Space​

Allow space for the logo to breathe. On all sides, leave a space around the logo that is at least the width of the square icon (x).


The downloadable assets already have the correct proportions.


Black is our main color. Endless, deep, powerful and great.


When using our logos, never manually adapt or recolor the files; instead, utilize the appropriate version for your use case.

Logos & background colors


Make sure the logo and icon are always fully visible against the background. Check the correct version for your use case:

  • a, b: Use the “lightbg” and “darkbg” logos on monochrome backgrounds
  • c, d: Use the “mono” logos on colored backgrounds


Time for some common sense bullet points:

  • Don't flip the icon and text sides;
  • Don't remove the "G" icon;
  • Don't change the text color;
  • Don't break up the name ""
  • Don't distort the text;
  • Don't add outlines or add any other effects;

If you're putting our logo next to another, make sure they're both the same visual weight (size). If you need to fit your logo into a smaller space, make sure to pick the right one for your needs.


In case you still have any questions, shoot us an email at [email protected]
Last updated on 3/15/2022